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A gastronomic offer to choose from tacos, sushi, spanish food, activated charcoal pizzas and experience dinners with one of the best chefs in Mexico, Jorge Idelfonso

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Girafe offers a world-inspired menu; Enjoy the exquisite traditional chilaquiles or a sweet French toast for breakfast. Savor “Salmon a la Talla” or “Tikka Masala” for dinner. This all-day restaurant will immerse you into a journey of unique flavors while enjoying the sounds of nature.


The best activated charcoal pizzas in Tulum! Delicious and colorful pizza slices with various combinations, from a traditional Margherita to a gourmet San Daniele. Enjoy the Italian taste that Pizzeria 081 brings to your table.


A launch space made up of teepees and DJ music to enjoy bohemian nights and magical mixology. Fire up a Hookah and create unforgettable moments at Gypsy Bar!

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Traditional Spanish cuisine with a variety of select wines and the best of “Charcutería.” Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner while tasting the perfect combination of a carefully selected wine with an extraordinary and tasty curated cheese. Choose your ideal companion, and we will offer a unique culinary experience.

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