Explore your emotions
at the Tuk Art Walk

Take our mural tour, discover more than 10 creations by international artists from Barcelona, New York and Latin America. The Art Walk is an encounter with culture.

A journey of emotions that penetrate each of your senses to give a space for reflection, tranquility and coexistence. Be amazed by the design of its corners, the colors of its murals, the street art competitions, the unique exhibitions, the sculptures, and each of the works of international artists while taking a walk with your pet, your family, or friends.

Our Tuk Artists

Miriam Castillo

Miriam Castillo is an experienced illustrator, graphic designer and muralist. Born in Mexico, Miriam graduated from Universidad del Valle de México, as a Graphic Designer and is now based in between Brooklyn, New York and Mexico. She takes inspiration from her Latino culture and the vibrant city environment she inhabits.

Natasha May

MNatasha May is a vibrant floral painter of murals across NYC and the world. She inspired about the color of the world, travel and art experiences across her life.

Dani Serrano

The paintings and drawings of this chilean artist is a convergence between iconographic figuration and abstract landscapes that the pictorial medium activates. There are exercises in color, graphic and abstraction, and his images are vibrant but at the same time conciliated. However, part of his proposal lies in presenting synthesis between cultures in transit


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