Tuk' Tulum Art Walk

Welcome to an epic experience where luxury meets the unique vibrations of nature, art and the exquisite tastes of an awesome gastronomic offer.

Tuk Tulum Art Walk, is a living community, a gastronomic, artistic and cultural route that invites you to be part of a different Tulum, the only space where you can find everything you need; from a cultural event that takes you out of the routine, gastronomic festivals with one of the best chefs in the world, a mural tour by international artists, art exhibitions, and the best … residences with the best location so you can start and finish your best holidays.

Tuk, was created under the Mayan worldview, a real estate project that recreates the body of K’uk’ulkan, a deity from Mayan mythology: the Feathered Serpent. Its towers are configured as the path of the construction of a better being, between the 4 elements: earth, fire, wind and water.


This December 2020, Tuk opened its doors to the world, becoming the first Cultural and Gastronomic Epicenter of the Riviera Maya, a resort designed for those seeking a safe and innovative investment. Its creators Marc Pujol and Paulina Lizárraga, owners of GMB, combined the luxury of spacious and bright units of all types with a unique experience in the market.

Today in its first phase, you can find 7 different experiences:



Everything we do has a touch of art, we are inspired by every corner of Tuk Tulum. It will surprise you with the architecture, painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance, and cinema that you can find here.


At Tuk we believe that culture is the axis of all evolution, that is why we create a space for continuous learning, a place for the development of human beings and the strengthening of our roots.


We create a wi fi zone with fiber optics. With the GIGNET alliance we have an efficient digital infrastructure for all those who visit us or stay at Tuk Tulum.


Inside Tuk there are chargers for electric cars, electric mobility and wastewater management. We design an eco-friendly resort for harmonious coexistence. Reason why we won the international award for the best eco-sustainable project in Mexico by Agora Next and Telefonica.


In each cultural, artistic and gastronomic offer of Tuk is innovation. Our specialty is to provide you with new experiences in a unique community worldwide.


For 3 years, with the Itinerant Letters Foundation, we have been working to build libraries in the most vulnerable areas of Tulum, that is why each Tuk event is for a cause, for the benefit of the children of Mayan communities.


For animals, all cultures and all cultural tastes, our house is a space for growth and evolution.

Fall in love with the design of the corners, the colors of the murals and the magic of its gastronomy.











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